Game player.

I detest the days following my expected period arrival date.  What is the deal?  Am I pregnant or is this just going to be another few days that will toy with my emotions and give me a false sense of hope?

I am now 4 days late.  I was expecting my period on Wednesday or Thursday…and now it’s Sunday.  My period ranges anywhere from 26-29 days.  Today is cycle day 32.  I have never had a cycle that long.  Oh how it flirts with me.

I took a pregnancy test this morning.  NOT PREGNANT.  Yep, an all too familiar read out.  I suppose it could be too early, not enough hcg in my urine yet or I’m just a little off this month.  My temperature has been doing weird things over the past few weeks.  I thought I had ovulated either Jan 3 or 4 because I had a dip on those days and then my temperature spiked on the 5th.  But, of course, I never got a positive LH surge so I can’t be so sure.  But anyway, after 5 days of temperatures above my baseline, my temperature dipped down for about 5 days and then last week it once again went back up above my baseline.  The past 2 days I’ve had some of my highest temperatures: 98.4.  Both days.  Weird…an off month, maybe?  My second month on clomid.  I don’t think I’m going to do it again.  At least not until we see the reproductive endocrinologist…which is happening soon.  February 1.  We’ll see what he says and go from there.

The waiting game is on.  I’m sure it will be any hour now.

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