eHarmony – it works

Lasting LOVEeHarmony.  I’m sure you have heard about it.  Commercials, books, web ads – it’s everywhere.  Let me tell you, I had many less than desirable dates with men met on the “E”, but overall it is one amazing idea.  Soulmates finding lasting love based on 29 dimensions of personality.

I met my husband on eHarmony.  It was love at first sight.  I had dated quite a bit before finding him. In fact, I had had 10 blind dates that fall alone, which is another story entirely for a different time. When my husband to be and I matched up on eharmony, we didn’t bother with long drawn out emails and conversations over the phone.  I had learned that this early communication can be deceptive when it boils down to compatibility and attraction.  The real question is “Do you have chemistry?”  We are both “fish or cut bait” types. The only way to find out if you really want to “fish” is to meet, so it was no surprise that we got straight to the point.

We had planned to meet at a trendy downtown restaurant and have dessert.  Dessert is a perfect first date.  Typically it’s a predictable time frame, not as formal as dinner, and not as casual as coffee.  I was sitting up in the balcony with my eyes on the door, waiting for this unknown man to appear.  The mood was warm, the lighting dim, and the music louder than I had hoped.  He walked in, looked up, our eyes met…can I say I was smitten right then and there?  The conversation flowed effortlessly through the evening.  The spark was present and palpable.  After a wondrous dessert of who knows what, we decided to allow the date to keep unfolding.  We walked a few blocks through the dark, crisp night down to a famously large and wonderful independent bookstore.  After meandering for about an hour through its many rooms of books, we decided we needed to buy a memento.  We settled on magnets.  This would be a night to remember.

Later, after he walked me to my car, we stood talking in hushed tones chilled by the night air.  It was a magical moment as we stared into each others eyes, the city lights illuminating our gleeful dispositions.  Before parting, we hugged one another.  As we did, he lifted me off the sidewalk and twirled me…it was then that I knew that he knew.  I left the following message in my phone as I laid awake deep into the night…heart beating fast, soul full of emotion.  My world stood still:   “I am going to marry him.”  And that was that.


6 thoughts on “eHarmony – it works

  1. What a sweet story. You two look like you belong together! I have a close friend from HS that met her husband through eHarmony and recently got married. My brother is a single youth pastor and I’m trying to convince him he should try it!

    • Thank you so much! I hope your brother gives it a go!!! We know so many couples who met on there. I feel like there really is nothing to lose. It is just so hard to meet people, especially as you get older. Keep convincing him!!! : )

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