A SaTUrDaY state of being

What a pleasant evening enjoyed by the warmth of the fire, the soft light of a 75 watt bulb, and the sweetness of a curly haired labradoodle. PERFECT.  Taxes filed today, trip to France planned, menu for next week penned and groceries bought. Overall, a very productive Saturday. My husband even spent some time out in the garden. He can hardly wait to start planting. So today he got some seeds started in the greenhouse, put up a fence to keep our tomato loving puppy out, and trimmed our rosemary bush. The once small plant has become an unrelenting shrubbery of sorts. With more rosemary pruned than one knows what to do with.  He put a cute little box on the corner of our cul de sac – a sign reminding me of those taped to my childhood lemonade stands read “free rosemary”. How I love him! What a delight it was to see people digging through it, searching for the perfect branch to add to their dinner.



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