Provider frustration…is it just me?

I have been avoiding talking to my OB/GYN about our current plight.  For some reason, I don’t even want to communicate with her about the results from our recent visit with the RE. Well, I guess it’s not so recent anymore. It’s been over 3 weeks.  I really probably should initiate a little communication.

You see, we stepped out of bounds.  She refused to give us a referral to an RE until we had followed her prescribed plan for 2-3 more months.  We chose to go see one anyway.  I knew our insurance probably wouldn’t cover it regardless.  Plus, the clinic we chose to see our RE at doesn’t require a referral.  So there.  We did it.  Why not?  I am SO tired of WAITING.  So TIRED of being PATIENT!  I know, I know…waiting has got to be ultimately good for me.  After all, isn’t this life all about character building?  Don’t most of us find ourselves constantly trying to convince our minds and hearts of such things?

Honestly, deep down I am a little frustrated that she didn’t pick up on my husband’s medication issue.  She sat down with both of us.  She reviewed our charts and lab work in detail.  How does she not know that there is talk of his blood pressure reducing medication being a potential “male contraceptive?”  How do you work in fertility and practice gynecology and obstetrics and not be up on this information? I suppose it could have been overlooked.  Very possible.

I know, I’m overreacting. I need to give more grace here.

Like I said earlier, it’s been 3 weeks.  I am now a week into my next cycle.  I really should initiate a little communication.  Besides, I will need her help again if this is not really the culprit in our infertile journey.

Ahh, juggling the many eggs and baskets.  How many should we put here and how about over there?

Does anyone else ever have frustrating interactions with their healthcare provider?

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