Thankful Thursday – I like it!

I’ve been noticing others have been blogging their thanksgivings on these Thursdays.  I like it.

I think overall a heart full of gratitude is a heart that moves towards the right things.  I don’t want to be one who dwells in self-pity, insecurity or jealously.  Rather, I want my life to be marked by a tendency towards reflection, thankfulness, and simply relishing life’s special moments.

So here are a few thankfuls on my list today:

I did it.  After all my moaning and complaining, I shook myself free of procrastination and  wrote my OB/GYN.  I have to say that I am really proud of myself for FINALLY doing it.  I might have also felt a tad bit guilty for venting my frustrations to you all too last night!!!  It definitely spurred me on to take care of it.

I ran today!!!!!  WOW!  I am thankful for that.  I haven’t run a block in almost 3 years…but today, I was sooo stressed after work.  Tension had seized my body and I just knew I needed to do something about it.  Something BIG…so, I told my husband that dinner was on hold and that a family run with our furbaby was in order!  Success.  I ran the whole way.  Over a mile!  Go with me here…I know, for all you super in shape ladies out there…that is nothing, a joke.  For me, it was a milestone.  I am so intimidated by those that regularly hit the pavement.  I don’t understand how they do it.  But today, I needed it.  Needed its vigor to calm my frayed nerves. I am so very proud of myself and thankful I endured.  Sometimes its the small victories in life that count.

And how about this picture.  I am so thankful for cameras that allow us to capture the beauty and essence of a moment in time.  So grateful to share such wondrous places with my husband.  This was a beach we went to this past weekend on a little surprise getaway he had planned. Beyond perfect, beyond blessed.

Now for some wine, a roast, some creamed spinach and a little of our favorite programming.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – I like it!

  1. Yay for Thankful Thursday! I just have to say, I may be thin but I am not exactly in shape anymore. I have also had bad knees for years so I have only been able to run a mile once in my entire life. And hubby doesn’t run either so I’m with you in respecting all those runners out there!

    Oh, and your dinner sounds yummy!

  2. I have to give it up to runners as well. I decided this week I would be more active. Thursday I took the stairs up to the 6th floor where I work (from the basement!) I’m very proud of that! I’m not sure when it’ll happen again, lol.

    • Strong work!!!! I think that is huge…little changes in our days make a big difference. I had the hardest time motivating myself to do anything today…my husband was working and I found my bed just keep beckoning me back to it. So bad! I just finally managed to leash up the pup and get out into the sunshine for a walk. Not really sure why I drag my feet so much on some days. Take care!!!

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