Lazy days and fertile weeks

Taking it in….

I’m feeling so incredibly lazy today.  I have had my yoga pants on all day and I am finding that my bed keeps beckoning me back to its comforting goodness.  Honestly, I feel really guilty about it.  My husband is at work…I am accountable to no one.  So, why not just slip back the covers and slide once again in to my favorite indulgence.  How I love naps.  My little puppy doesn’t seem to mind either.

[A Digression] *** When we first got him, we were very strict about him not being on the furniture. Now…being that we bathe him at least once a week and always wipe his paws after he comes in from outside, we have given in and up on the bed he goes.  He doesn’t shed either…a HUGE bonus. All in all, he is the perfect little snuggle companion always eager for my naps. You see, there are so many reasons to give in and crawl back into bed.

[Back on course] *** I finally heard back from my OB/GYN this morning.  It was a simple 3 sentence email telling me that my plan was “fine”.  She wished me luck with conceiving in the future and told me to have a “nice weekend.”  Simple, short, to the point.  Of course, I was a little disappointed, hoping for some further comments on my husband’s “reversible” infertility.  I have to remind myself it’s only an email.  She probably has hundreds of them each day to respond to. I think I have come to expect too much from my doctors.  So, I’m pocketing my unmet expectations and am moving forward.

This week is our fertile week.  We still have yet to decide how to approach it.  We have another 35 days or so until the lovely spermatogenesis process will have completed its course.  Only then can we count on my husband’s medication no longer exerting its deleterious effect upon his swimmers.  So, do we go for it?  Do I even bother with LH testing? Morning temps?  Or should we just try to “relax” and “enjoy it”?  Those words always bring a feigned smile to my face.

Happy Saturday to you all!  Thanks for reading.

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