BeTWeEn the RAiNs

I am waiting for my rain to come.  I am waiting for God’s blessing to fall from the skies – waiting for each delicate drop to wash over me and fulfill the desires he has placed deep within me.  I am waiting to carry life within my womb.  I am waiting for this drought to end. I need rain.

Right now, I walk in a dry, barren season.  I wait, I watch, I listen, I hope. I hope to one day move out of this soul trying time and into a season of rain.  Where I am at is intense, daily scorching my well-being, drying out my emotional reserve, and testing my endurance as I trudge through the sand endlessly pricked by thorns rich in lack of support, unknowns, and new pregnancies all around. My lips are cracked and peeling, rid of all moisture by a mouth that constantly cries out in protest again my journey. My face bears the lines of worry that go hand in hand with wondering when it will end.  When will I find relief?  When is God going to show up in this part of my story?

I cling to the promise found in Hosea 6:3.

“Let us acknowledge the LORD;
let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
he will appear;
he will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth.”

My God is coming.  He is coming for me.  As SURELY as the sun rises tomorrow, He will appear.  My rains of blessing are coming.  A tremendous harvest will be reaped and I will bask in its joy.  This is NOT a maybe or even just a possibility.  It is a promise I can take to the bank and tonight I am running with it.  Right now he is laying the foundation that will further enable me to be an amazing mother, full of love and in the right place to receive this precious baby that will be mine.


[I give the credit of my inspiration for this post, it’s theme and accompanying scripture to Beth Moore who always blows me away with her studies on God’s word.  I want to leave a legacy as she has.]

13 thoughts on “BeTWeEn the RAiNs

      • I did a group study once called “Living Beyond Yourself” and it was all focused on Galatians 5:22 and each chapter was devoted to a different fruit of the spirit. It taught me so much on forgiving myself, forgiving others, and what it means to be beautiful, from the inside out. I started reading another book called “So Long, Insecurity” but haven’t gotten that far into it yet. It’s hard because, not only would I rather read blogs than books, but it’s still an internal battle to even open the book because I feel like reading it is like admitting I’m insecure. Silly, eh? Especially since I know I am. I think I keep telling myself I’m ok to avoid reading it. Hopefully I make time to finish it soon.

  1. I’m believing with you that the rain is coming for us! Hold on and hang in there . . . our cracked lips will not always yearn for the healing rain. Blessings!

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