March Photo Challenge

Alright, I give in.  Belle over at Scrambled Eggs put together this photo challenge.  I am very intimidated by the whole idea of participating.  I am not very creative, but this will push me and I am really loving what others have already published.  So here goes:

So I have 2 dates to catch up on:

Day 1 = [portrait]  Well, of course I am going to put my wedding pictures up…LOVE them!  I had to put up a few…I never get to bust these out anymore.  Hope y’all don’t mind. Honestly, I really dislike how I did my hair and where I placed my veil…but so it goes…I have learned to love them despite these regrets.   : )








Day 2 [feet]

This pictures is from our honeymoon in Kauai.  We had just hiked through Weimea Canyon in our Chacos.  We were just a tad bit dirty.  I’m now seeing that my ankles had become cankles.  GROSS.

Now, I must begin contemplating Day 3.


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