March Photo Challenge – Day 5


I went round and round on this one, but after much deliberation decided my most trustworthy commuting partner were my many shoes. Here are just a few that have ended up in our downstairs closet by our front door.  They serve their purpose well.  They get me from point A to point B…and many other various points between and beyond.  I’m a pretty boring shoe gal over all.  I am a comfort girl.  I love a good pair of comfy Danskos.  Sometimes its rather embarrassing to admit this to all my cute shoe loving friends who just cringe when I stroll in in my Danskos.  But I guarantee it, I am always comfortable at the end of the day and my back never aches.  Though, I have to admit, I am trying to break out of the mold and got these tasty shoes on the end from my parents for Christmas (see, everyone is TRYING to help me out).  I recently also bought a pair of wedges that I frequent, though I do get a little back ache whenever I where them. : (

Anyway, so there is my take on commute, my trusty comrades, the true weight barer of my soles – SHOES.


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