March Photo Challenge – Day 6


The poodle in our adorable doodle has a genetic inclination to hairy undersides of ears that can lead to bacteria growth and ear infections if not removed regularly.  Rather than pay the vet to do it, we have learned to pluck our furbaby’s ears every few weeks of this troublesome hair.

We learned of this necessity the hard way.  We only had had him a few weeks before we noticed a rancid smell coming from his ears.  A visit to the vet and over a hundred dollars later, we realized that to prevent such events from recurring more invasive measures must be taken.  Of course, you can imagine what a challenge it is to have him hold still and allow us to pull his ear hair out.  He is awfully sweet and has slowly grown accustomed to such torture.  I realized as we were going through our bi-monthly ritual that this would be the perfect image to capture for our theme of the day.

4 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge – Day 6

  1. Wow. That’s impressive. Mine were getting smelly too, but on the other end and I attempted to teach myself how to “express” things down that way but no matter how hard I tried, I had no luck. But ears was something I always felt bad doing because they cry. I give you major kudos for that!!!

    • Ah yes, to express. We need to learn how to do that one. I honestly haven’t tried, but we are noticing more and more that it is a problem at times! Whew! Was it easy to learn? The things we will do for the pets we love.

      • Unfortunately I have no success to share. I failed miserably. I must have been squeezing the wrong parts because I got nada. But yes, the things we do!

  2. Please take this as friendly advice and not pushiness, but I work with dogs and have a suggestion for the anal gland problem. Among the holistic vet community, which is small but growing, it is believed that expressing anal glands leads to more problems- basically once you start doing it, you’ll always have to do it. But you can give your dogs supplements to help with that. Dogs naturally express their anal glands when they defecate, so usually improving the quality of the poop helps with the glandular expression. One of my dogs had this issue, so we added two things to her diet and it went away: fish oil capsules (this will give them stinky breath but it’s healthy) and a veggie slop, which consists of a bunch of green veggies plus a carrot or two, pureed in the food processor along with a dash of olive oil; we spread the mixture in ice cube trays and freeze them so it’s easy to portion out every day.

    I’m impressed your pup is learning to hold still for the plucking, I know neither of mine would enjoy anything about that process!

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