March Photo Challenge – Day 7


This past week I was given this blanket from a woman at my church.  She had recently been on a mission to trip to Guatemala and had bought this blanket for herself as a memento from the trip. On her flight home, she realized that this blanket wasn’t meant for her, instead she felt it was to be our blanket…for our BABY.  So she gave it to me.  Just like that.

In one of my early posts in my blog, I conveyed a story of breaking down and sharing our struggle with infertility at my bible study.  This woman was sitting next to me.  Ever since, her heart has been with us in our journey.  She is a fellow prayer warrior and remains confident that soon, very soon, we will have the baby we so long for.

Anyway, her friendship has meant a great deal to us as of late.  We have been blown away by her love and consideration of our heart wrenching battle.  Her children are in their late teens and she is a single mom struggling to make ends meet while going back to school to get her degree.  Her generosity is both humbling and heart warming.  What a beautiful woman!  Thank you, dear friend.

I know it’s another promise, meant for me…straight from God.  A tangible example of him moving in the midst of our story.  This blanket means more to me than I can express.


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