March Photo Challenge : Day 21 – Treat


This is an EASY one for me!!!! While in San Diego last week ago…my husband’s best friend took us to this amazing dessert place downtown. I think it was called Just Desserts or Everything Desserts. I was a little skeptical about the place given its name. (There I go again, judging a place by its name.) Yet, it exceeded my expectations!!! Here are a few pictures of our delightful sweets. We should have known that we wouldn’t even have been able to each finish a 1/4 of our deliciousness…these each could have fed a family – but, nonetheless it was fun to sample a few!

Side note to the story. While there, we tried to set up my husband’s friend with the bartender. It was a very classy place and she was super sweet. Yet, when my husband casually mentioned to her that our friend was interested, she politely refused and said she was seeing someone. The rest of the evening she lingered near us, her face slightly blushed, a smile ever present. He ended up leaving his digits on a napkin. Some things are worth the risk, you just never know when and how you might meet that special someone.

Anyway, back on track. I have to admit…the treats don’t stop there. I just pulled some chocolate crinkles out of the oven. I LOVE my days off!

Take care!



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