There is water in the desert…

Almost a month ago, I blogged about the seasons of rains in our lives.  After sometimes dry and weary “growing”, endurance fostering seasons, the rains are promised to come to refresh and give life to our withering souls.  How do we learn to live “between the rains“?

While hiking in Tucson 2 weeks ago, my husband and I came across this small creek bed, mostly dried up save for a few small pools. It served as a tangible reminder of this truth.

There is water in the desert.

It’s a dry season for us.  Life is good, but we are found wanting for me.  We thirst for the greater fulfillment that a family of our own would offer.

Sometimes you have to look for it, sometimes you have to dig for it.  Sometimes you even have to experience intense heat, exhaustion and a parched throat before you discover it.  But if you persevere, while learning to live “between the rains”, eventually you will find water and your soul will be refreshed.

Keep walking.  Keep searching.  Keep asking questions whilst not forgetting where you have already been.


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