Easter = True HoPE.

This weekend we celebrate Easter!  

What does Easter mean to you?  Did you celebrate Easter as a child?  Does it mean baskets full of sweet chocolate and Cadbury Eggs?  Do you think of white, soft bunnies with delicate ribbons tied beneath their ears? Did you often color eggs as children?  I loved writing messages in crayon before dipping my smooth white egg into the dye. I often made one in each color and even tried my hand at multiple dips in different shades.  How ’bout community Easter events and egg hunts in the wet, green grass – fresh with dew in early spring? Were you ever fortunate enough to find the “golden egg”?  Not me –  though I tried so hard, year after year.  Do your memories entail soft shades of pink, purple, and yellow?  Did it mean new dresses and sit down dinners or brunch with loved ones?  Did it mean watching “The Ten Commandments” on ABC with some popcorn?  Traditions you could count on year after year.  What does Easter mean to you?

Easter represents so many things for so many different people.  For my family, it ultimately symbolizes the day my Jesus rose from the grave.  On that day, the stone that covered His tomb was rolled away by His beloved disciples.  He was nowhere to be found.  Linens lied limp where His body once lain.  He is RISEN.  This is not a past tense thing.  On that day, the death of Christ was redeemed. On that day, the disciples’ lost hope and deep discouragement was replaced with jubilation.  On that day, the life they had built by and on His example proved worthy.  On that day, the sickening defeat they felt as He was beaten and flogged, mocked and nailed to a cross was replaced with a VICTORIOUS hope.  He IS risen.

The resurrection of my Lord.  Without the resurrection there would be no point, no reason for hope, no reason for joy, no reason for faith…no reason to follow Jesus.  Because of the resurrection, my chains are gone, my sin washed clean. Because of the resurrection, I am free.

I am free….

…to hope

…to love

…to give

…to forgive

…to wait in expectation of His return

…to claim his promises

…to experience His peace

…to sing

…to shout with JOY


I am so thankful for Easter, so thankful for the Resurrection of my Lord, so thankful to be FREE.

(Picture of a gorgeous Tuscan church we found while exploring the small mountaintop village of Montacino.)


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