Well, it’s official.  I have scheduled my appointment to meet the RE to discuss our plan and timeline for IVF.  It is very challenging to get in for an appointment and though we intend to do two more IUIs, we felt it best to get a date on the calendar.  In reality, we are hoping that we end up needing to cancel this appointment. (Wouldn’t that be an AMAZING gift?)  It was pretty surreal discussing with the nurse the process, the timing, and a touch of finances. We had a preliminary meeting with the RE months ago, but this time it felt different, now being something we plan to pursue.  I really didn’t think we would ever arrive at this point.  But here we are, two short months away.

We are headed to France at the end of May for 2 weeks.  A last hurrah, or so we hope.  We planned one last year to Italy and Greece.  The last big trip before the kiddos come.  But the children never came and so here we are…a year + later.  Honestly, planning adventures is what keeps me sane and next to my faith, its what gets me through IF.  Keeps me smiling.  It also keeps me reading while I throw myself into the history and culture of France.  As I type this, my husband is tuned into a French lesson…learning the basics.  I think it’s paramount in this journey to have something to look forward to.  I like to refer to them as my “Mileposts of Joy” along the way.  Things that I love, things ever on the horizon.  A needed distraction, a favorite indulgence, a special date, or an opportunity to get out of dodge.

That being said…we are looking to kickstart our IVF sequence in JUNE.


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  1. Well yay for the appointment but gosh I am super jealous of your trip! My hubs and I both took French in high school and we have always wanted to go. Even though it was 10 years ago now, I still remember a lot! Well I hope you have an awesome time and I cannot WAIT to see the pictures. Hope the city of love makes all your dreams come true 🙂

    • How cool! I would love to enroll in a French course! If only there was more time and resources, right? I really wish I had learned French or at least mastered Spanish, the language I chose to take in HS.

      Awww Paris, the city of love…sure would be nice if it DID, in fact, make our dreams come true!!! I guess we’ll see…

  2. I LOVE the mileposts of joy concept!! Much needed for sure and such a great way to keep yourself sane and add some peace during a crazy ride. I pray that you won’t need the IVF appt but I know all too well the need to have a plan in place for the “what if it doesnt work again” moments.
    of course i am super jealous of your trip though, lol.

    • Thank you SO much for all your support and comments. They mean sooo much to me and so encouraging. I am so grateful for this community and really don’t know what I would do without it! I sure hope we don’t need the IVF appointment either. I’m just not sure how long to walk in limbo land. By June, we’ll have maxed out our IUIs…do we keep waiting, in hopes that something just happens “naturally” or do we just go for IVF…such a big deal? So scary!

  3. yay for making appointment! I know that’s a big scary step! will say a prayer it won’t be necessary! And I hope you have a fabulous time in France! My husband and I studied French in a suburb of Paris for a year – it was great! Definitely like the idea of “milestones of joy”, I too need things on the horizon and I think I’ve been doing that without realizing it.

    • Thank you for the encouraging word! I REALLY hope we don’t need to go either. Wouldn’t that be AMAZING? An absolute miracle! …and how cool that you and your husband were able to that. What an incredible experience. I would love to go live in Europe for a year. So fun! Memories you will cherish forever. So very special. Blessings to you!

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