Spring is here!

Yeah!  I am so excited for sunshine, for warm weather…and a SUCCESSFUL IUI!!! (#4)

It has been a great day.  Our IUI went very smoothly.  The dreaded catheter was friendly today and went right where it was supposed to.  Apparently my cervix was very “receptive”.  Always a good sign, especially considering our last few IUIs.  It has been such a traumatic experience for us, so we were extremely grateful that it was quick and easy.

Tonight we are holding our first official BBQ of the season.  My husband is still super close with 3 of his HS friends…as close as brothers.  They are unique as far as guy friendships go as they are super deep and intentional with one another.  Something I have rarely seen amongst men.  It’s a beautiful thing, really.  One the boys is in town from San Diego this weekend, so its PaARTaY time!   All the essentials – Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, WATERMELON,  Kettle Chips, salads, buttermilk brownies and ice cream – will be included…with a game night to follow.  It’s a perfect afternoon for a BBQ. The sun is warm and we will be able to spend a good portion of the evening on the deck…something that rarely happens until July in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, I’m so glad the sunshine of spring is here…Here are a few pix I snapped  this afternoon of my flower planters I have been working on.  I have anything BUT a green thumb, so I’m always thrilled just to get the planters going.  My puppy was awfully cute with fetching the stick and I love this beautiful tree in blossom in the front yard.  Only lasts about a week, so I thought I would capture it and post it. Pictures just never seem to do some things justice!!!

Here’s to the joy that fills my heart today and the warmth of the sunshine on my back (currently typing this out in the SUN)!


4 thoughts on “Spring is here!

    • Oh thank you so much!!!! This is my first month doing ICLW so I’m not really sure what the Lovely Blog Award is or if there is something I should do but I really appreciate it and it means so much to me that you think my blog worthy of such an award. Sending HUGS to you!

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