TWW – Little Joys – Day 2

recap – During my current TWW, I am focusing on the little joys in my day.  I am attempting to transcend the pulls of my emotions during this period so that I may focus on the beautiful things; the wonderful opportunities that present themselves to me each and every day. I yearn to get back to my roots and have fresh eyes that can see and appreciate the world unfolding around me.

Tonight we are going to see COLDPLAY.  Probably my favorite band EVER.  I know, I know…so cliche..but I really can’t help myself.  I have been an avid fan for the last 11 years of my life.  As my close friends know, pretty much up until recently and the current digital age, you could always count on one of the coldplay albums residing in my car’s CD player….ready at any time to blast it’s smooth sound and powerful melodies.  I am so excited.  I have never been to one of their concerts.  A definite little joy…a true and memorable forever highlight.

Thanks for reading!

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