TWW – Little Joys – Day 3

Today as I was reflecting on the little joys in my life, thinking about my next blog post, my husband just happened to chime in…via text. He was sharing just how thankful he is for his job. Despite a sometimes grueling day with a “Mr. No Personality” intern who he has to mentor through his clinical rotation, he feels BLESSED to have such a great job. Blessed that he finds his job satisfying and fulfilling – at least the majority of the time.

His own reflections have further stirred up my own. It has been so much harder than I can even imagine to really dig deep and allow yourself to experience the little joys of your day sometimes. Of course, its pretty easy when life is going good, when life is smooth and things seem to be going in your way. But when you have been waiting for a LONG time to achieve what others seem to make look like child’s play, you can’t help but to see the world in clouded, gray images at time.

We went to Coldplay last night (Wonderful!), but for the first half of their concert, I was consumed with an interaction I had had with one of the Anesthesiologists at the end of my work day. I am a perfectionist. Always have been and unfortunately, will probably always battle this. I am also a people pleaser, which I think, can often go hand in hand. As I am finishing up my day and just about to roll out of there, he stopped me in the hall and questioned a decision I had made the previous day when we were working together. His comments caught me off guard and tried incessantly to ruin my evening. Once I explained to him what was REALLY going on in the operating room and WHY I made the decision I did, he softened and said it made more sense to him. Despite his concession, I was shaken and frustrated.

And yet…this is life. There will always be people, situations, sometimes even our own mind and hearts who will be against us or shall we say, question our efforts. What role will we allow these comments to have in our life. How seriously will we take them? Will we allow them to disrupt the entirety of our inner peace and throw us into a dreadful bought of anxiety? I have so much to learn. I really wish I was one of those who could just brush off these moments and conversations. But I am not. Just another lesson in overcoming the bad and the ugly and learning to focus on the little joys.

Little Joys – This is SOOOOOOOO my lesson right now.

Oh…and it really was an amazing concert! : )





These fantastic little wrist bands lit up and were responsible for the beautiful twinkles of light you see out in the audience. So fun!


3 thoughts on “TWW – Little Joys – Day 3

  1. Coldplay – I’m so jealous!

    And yes – I keep hoping that one day I’ll miraculously become one of those people who can brush off comments etc. And although I’m much better in my 40s than I was in my 30s or 20s, it is still hard. I try to tell myself that worrying doesn’t achieve anything other than making me feel horrible – and it does work … a bit!

    • Thank you so much for reading my post. I wasn’t sure if any of it made sense. But it sure felt good to get it off my chest and get it out there. Even though I haven’t met anyone who reads my blog, the support I feel is astounding. Hopefully, we both will soon be that person who allow a comment to be just that…a comment.

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