3 month Lupron suppression, what?????

Today, we had our final appointment with the RE before we begin our IVF protocol in a few short weeks.  First off, we did our Doppler Ultrasound and Mock Embryo Transfer.  Both looked great.  YEAH!

Now, down to the nitty-gritty.

My questions regarding the immune system and its relationship with endometriosis were voiced and heard by Dr. H.  He believes further immunologic testing at this point is not necessary.  He also believes the approach that Dr. Beer uses in his book is a very alternative approach utilized for a very specific patient population of which he doesn’t believe I fit into.  Dr. Beer’s book is very compelling and argues a strong case for addressing immune related issues underlying many failed IVF procedures and miscarriages.  We don’t want to become one of those statistics, which is why we have been scouring his book.  Too much information is not always a good thing as it has definitely increased our worry about our upcoming IVF cycle.

Dr. H. encouraged us to broaden our sources.  Perhaps we could check out the chapter HE wrote on endometriosis in a surgical gyn textbook.  SLAM!  (He then proceeded to show us all 15 pages of it.)

ME:  Alright, you are the expert.  You have been doing this since I was toddling around in diapers (I didn’t actually say it like that, but pretty much).  Please, whatever you think we should do…we will DO it.

Dr. H:  Well, now that you have brought all this up, perhaps we should have you do a 3 month Lupron suppression.  It’ll calm down and suppress the Endo.  We usually only reserve this for women who have a failed cycle. There is one small study that shows that women who do this had a much higher rate of pregnancy.

Me:  Could you show us the research?  I would love to see the numbers.  I mean, are we talking an increased rate of, say 4% or 20%?  We have seen that the pregnancy statistics for our age group at this clinic are 66%.  Are those numbers different for individuals with endometriosis?

Dr. H.:  Oh, well, as soon as you see the study you will want to do it, the numbers are pretty convincing.  Your pregnancy rate is 66% for your age group.  We don’t really see a difference between those with endometriosis and those without.  But, the study reveals that these numbers can be much higher.  Keep in mind, there really is very little data regarding this topic and this study has not been duplicated, but nonetheless, it’s a good one.

Hubs and I:  Alright, we will look into it and get back to you.

Confused and trying to keep my emotions at bay, we thanked him for his time and told him we would give it some contemplation.  We then met with the IVF coordinator and discussed the medications a bit more.  We also asked her for her thoughts.  She thought since my Endo wasn’t very painful right now and I had already been on suppression therapy via my BCP for 5 years that I should be ok, but that it was our decision.  We could always proceed with this cycle and if it fails, do a 3 month lupron suppression before a frozen embryo transfer.  She said Dr. H. is a little worried because we are very educated and he feels that he needs to give us this option versus us finding out about it later and holding him accountable. It really is up to us.

AHHHHHH!  Someone just tells us what to do. We are not the retaliating type.

Later, out in the car, we were practically pulling our hair out.  Can we handle waiting another 4 months from now?  Can I handle the side effects of Lupron and progesterone all summer?  There are always going to be what ifs and could we have done mores?  In addition, I have already rearranged my summer schedule at work – that was no easy feat.  All in all, for now, we think we will proceed in June.

Lord, please give us your wisdom.  How would you have us to proceed?  This is a very difficult decision.

Has anyone done a 3 month Lupron suppression?


14 thoughts on “3 month Lupron suppression, what?????

  1. I have endometriosis. Confirmed by laparoscopy in Feb. 2011, and my guess is that it has grown back “healthily” since then (based on ultrasounds, pain and other worsening symptoms). But…we didn’t do a 3 month Lupron suppression. It wasn’t something offered us with our first cycle, and I didn’t use Lupron at all with my most recent cycle. I had a difficult time with the side effects, but it doesn’t bother some woman at all.

    I think you asked all the right questions…

    “Can we handle waiting another 4 months from now? Can I handle the side effects of Lupron and progesterone all summer? There are always going to be what ifs and could we have done mores?”

    Evaluating the risks and benefits is very personal. We gather all this information, but ultimately there is a lot of luck involved. And that I wish you much of!

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement. It means so much to me!

    You are absolutely right…we really have to evaluate the risks and benefits, make a decision and hope for a whole LOT of luck! I just wish that once I made a decision that I could stick with it and not look back. I am the worst with what ifs. But if it wasn’t a 3 month Lupron suppression, I would certainly find something else to what if about. Why is it so hard? Questions, difficult decisions, waiting and uncertainty every step of the way.

  3. Some of the best advice I heard the other day (take it or leave it as you will), is no matter what choices we end up making, we can never destroy the plan God has in place for us. Remember He is ultimately in control. Keep faith…

  4. That is a tough choice, wait 3 months for a possibly better chance or just go for it and see…This may be a cop out but what does your gut tell you to do? That is all I am trying to follow in this maze! Whereabouts you off to in France?

    • My gut says to push onward. One thing at a time. If this doesn’t work, we’ll reconsider our options and go from there. Thank you for this reminder. There is so much external pressure in these things. Good or bad there is pressure from doctors, pressure from research and protocol, pressure from what we think others would approve of, pressure from family. It can be so easy to lose our own voice in these matters! Good to remember that our own instincts can sometimes be our best guide.

      We will be in London for a few days and then will spend 3 days in each of the following areas: Paris, Normandy, the Loire Valley, and then Dordogne. We are SO excited! You guys must be feeling the same way about yours. They can never come soon enough!!! I am SO thankful for some traveling distractions!


      • Aw! We visited the Dordogne while living in France and loved it! We went to Beynac-et-Cazenac along the river and Sarlat. So beautiful! We also went to Collonges-la-Rouge which is a little village, all the buildings are red – such a cute little place and we thought worth the drive! I look forward to pictures! 🙂

      • I can’t WAIT! We are staying just outside of Sarlat at a little bed and breakfast…I always forget the special name the have for them over there. I will add Collonges-la-Rouge to the list. That sounds incredibly cute! Did you canoe down the dordogne river or tour any of the caves? If so, was it worth it? Any other good recommends? I can hardly wait to escape to what seems like it will be another world!

      • We didn’t get a chance to canoe, I think we decided we didn’t have enough time…but it sounded like fun! One thing we did do was visit the farmer’s market in downtown Sarlat which was very cute.

      • It’s great to hear your recommendation for those. We have read a great deal about the farmer’s markets in the Dordogne in Rick Steve’s book. He says they are a must do in the there – so I think we may just have to check it out! I just wish we spoke some French. You think we will be ok? We made some flash cards of the basics.

    • We totally used Rick Steve’s when we planned several trips and he never steered us wrong! And I think you’ll be fine with the basics in French, we found that a lot of people usually knew a little English 🙂

  5. I am familiar with Dr. Beer’s work, as well as some other immunologists. It all makes sense, but it would be very hard to wait that much longer. Plus, I’ve heard Lupron can be pretty rough. That is a tough choice!
    I don’t want to sway you either way. But the way I’d look at it is that you’ve recently had Endo removed, so your body is in a good state for doing IVF now. Knowing me, I would go for it now…..and God forbid it doesn’t work, go for the longer FET protocol.
    Best of luck with whatever you decide 🙂

    • I’m with you! Thank you so much for your words. It feels so good to hear what others would do in my shoes. I just really don’t think I can endure waiting another 3-4 months. I think it would be a little emotionally traumatic for me! If it doesn’t work this time…then we’ll aim for round two…hoping we have a few frozen embies that is! 🙂

      • You’re welcome 🙂 I don’t blame you one bit! After waiting so long already. I bet you’ll have some great back up embies if you need them 🙂

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