Let the travels begin!

(First off, sorry this is one continuous paragraph.  My iPad is unwilling to acknowledge the return key at this time.)

I have spent a great deal of time away from my blog this week.  I have missed being able to catch up and read yours as well. I have been so blessed by this community of friends and supporters journeying and sharing their lives, stories, and care for one another. We have been busy preparing for our trip to France. Of which, I must mention that I am currently on the plane over the frozen tundras of northern Canada. I hope to post this as soon as we have wifi again.  We had a brief stop in Seattle where we caught our international flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. As my husband and I rode the train between terminals it was as if all of our burdens had been lifted from our hearts and forgotten back in Portland. It was instantaneous and wonderful. We feel so blessed to be able to do this trip to France with quick stops in Iceland and London.  Ideally, we would have LOVED to have had our first born by now and perhaps have another on the way. Instead, we have found our selves battling to maintain our sanity and self worth through the roller coaster of infertility.  Yet, there has been growth and opportunity during this season. Opportunity to rise above the pain and unmet expectations and grow as a couple in communication, shared memories, and adventures only possible without children.  I think a lot of the peace I am experiencing right now is the result of finally coming to terms with where we are at and where we are going.  Where we are at:  hard pressed with infertility with a new found diagnosis of endometriosis that explains so much. Where we are going:  IVF.  I am so grateful that the days of unexplained IF are behind me. So happy to know that in a week and a half, while on this trip, I will begin our IVF treatment protocol. (Just the BCPs – no big deal).  We know that the minute we fly back into Portland, the weight of infertility will be knocking on the doors of our hearts along with the enormous medication order waiting to be welcomed into our home.  As for now, and as long as I can, I am soaking up the love of my incredible husband at my side whilst resting in great expectations of what is to come. Not only on this grand adventure but the ever unfolding story and next chapter in our hopes to conceive. So, I must warn you that much of my blog will be documenting our traveling journeys over the next two weeks with little emphasis on IF.  This is our long awaited travel therapy and I couldn’t be happier with its timing in all of this First stop: Reykjavik, Iceland for a 9 hour layover of which we are taking FULL advantage of and heading to the Blue Lagoon!!  We are throwing caution to the wind and going to soak it up in the hot springs for a few hours. Last time I had the chance to enjoy some hot springs I sat on the side and just put my feet in or waded in just over my thighs for fear that it might destroy a potential pregnancy.  It was a bummer along with so many other things given up in hopes of trying to conceive.  Not this time though. This time we will immerse ourselves in the mineral rich milky blue waters and enjoy every minute of it.


5 thoughts on “Let the travels begin!

  1. I get the same feeling when I travel, of leaving the crap at home and feeling lighter on the way to the destination. Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to reading about it!

  2. Yay! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I think this comes at a perfect time for you guys! Can’t wait to read about it 🙂 You will be in such a good frame of mind for your IVF cycle!!

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