Trigger Tonight

I am beyond thrilled!  I have finally been given the green light to take my trigger shot tonight.  I am currently on Day 9 of my stimulation medications.  My body has responded all too well to the drugs and they have been worried about my risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).  As a result, every other day, after my ultrasound and lab work results have come back, my meds have been decreased in hopes that my estrogen levels wouldn’t continue to rise too dramatically. They say they like to see them double every other day, mine had been tripling early on.  Though decreasing my doses has increased the duration of my treatment cycle, it is a HUGE precautionary step for which I am so grateful.  Also, I have read that an estrogen level above 5000 on the day of trigger can dramatically increase your risk of OHSS.  After backing off my Follistim significantly on Friday, I am finally where they want me, an estrogen level of 3967 and 22 follicles.

Nonetheless, on Friday they started me on an OHSS preventative diet. This diet will help keep fluid in my blood stream and moving through and out of my body, rather than into my cells which would result in water retention, bloating and many potentially SEVERE complications. This diet includes the following recommendations.

  • No Free Water.  My husband picked up some NUUN dissolvable electrolyte tablets at REI…so far, so good.
  • High PROTEIN.  Whey protein shakes.  I am adjusting…not a huge shake girl, but it’s for a short time.
  • High Sodium.  I like a little salt on things, but I’m typically not one who loves a little food with her salt.  But, once again, a small sacrifice. They recommend drinking V8 juice for this.  This has NEVER been a beverage of choice for me.  NASTY stuff…but I might as well drink in a few more veggies.
  • Limiting carbs, sugar, pasta…all that good stuff!

Anyway, one day at a time.  I am going into my egg retrieval eyes wide open.  I have done the anesthesia for egg retrievals many times, it’ll be interesting being on the receiving side of the IV this time.  Though I give anesthesia every day, I am definitely more nervous about THAT then I am the retrieval.  I am sure it will all go very smoothly.

I feel super blessed to be in this spot!  God is SO good and it has been a very LONG journey.  I am just so thankful for my sweet husband, supportive friends and such a wonderful infertility clinic to help me through this process!

Here’s a pic to spice up this post.  My favorite Chateau of the Loire Valley with QUITE a juicy story behind it.  Chenoceau.


13 thoughts on “Trigger Tonight

  1. all great great news!!! from someone who did suffer through OHSS (my estrogen levels also tripled in 24 hours- tons of fun!) I am so happy they are keeping a close eye out for that. will be thinking about you and praying for a good egg retrieval and a peaceful heart 🙂

    my username has changed from myjourneythruinfertility to drunnermom as well as my blog address 🙂

    • Thank you for all your support! It is so wonderful to hear from someone who has lived through the “trenches” of this infertility journey…who has made it to the other side and is SO blessed as a result. Thank you for looking back and helping other women get through this. Your encouragement means SO much to me and, I know, so many others. You are such an inspiration to me…I only hope one can I could learn to run and love it as you have! : )

  2. Just started following your blog a few weeks ago. My husband and I are getting ready for our first IVF in just a few days. Hope the trigger went well and the egg retrieval brings lots of good news!!! Thinking of you and anxiously awaiting the results!!!

    • Thanks Lindsay! I am going to sign right up for your blog! Somehow I missed it! The trigger went well though it was definitely the most irritating shot for me…maybe it was because it was the last one! : ) I am sooo excited for you. What a journey you guys are about to embark on. I look forward to reading your story! Thank you for all the good thoughts…we need ’em.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m SOOO excited for you! This cycle sounds extremely promising! Lots of great eggies and probably lots of great snowbabies left over after the transfer! I pray you don’t get OHSS. I’ve seen so many ladies still go on to have a successful cycle even with bad OHSS. I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!

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