Kissing Ovaries. Post Retrieval Day 1

We made it through our egg retrieval!  Everything went PERFECTLY.  We retrieved 16 eggs and found out this morning that 10 fertilized via ICSI.

I was in a lot of pain throughout the day yesterday. I became pretty worried I was headed straight into the abyss of OHSS when I stepped onto the scale last night and realized that I had gained almost 4 pounds since yesterday morning.  It hurt to urinate and do pretty much anything else, even sitting was hard.  But overnight, my body worked a miracle and after getting up to the bathroom at least 10 times, my body managed to shed just over 3 of the 4 pounds of fluid.  I must give a HUGE thanks to my OHSS preventative diet  – the protein shakes and electrolyte water/salty diet is paying off.  Also, more than anything I am so blessed by my sweet husband who took such amazing care of me and made me homemade chicken and rice soup to slurp on during the afternoon post retrieval.

I am SO thankful to be feeling so much more like myself today.  It still hurts a tad to go to the bathroom, but I am finding my strength again and happy to not feel so “full” where my ovaries are.  They mentioned that my ovaires were so large they referred to them as “kissing” ovaries when they saw them under ultrasound for the retrieval.  I have heard of kissing tonsils, but never kissing ovaries…kinda cute, I guess.  Apparently with little room to spare in side of me, they opted to grow together.  Regardless, they did great and we are beyond pleased.  Words can’t even describe the elation we feel at the thought of 10 potential children…I know that number will dwindle dramatically over the next few days, but I am just so thankful.  Something that has been IMPOSSIBLE for us on our own has now been made possible!!!!

Thank you all for your support, I will keep you posted.  We will not hear back from the embryologist until Saturday.

Our transfer is scheduled for Sunday at 0945. We are going to have our accupuncturist come to do a treatment pre/post procedure.  I am really looking forward to that. Following our transfer, as my dear friend told me, I will then be P.U.P.O…Pregnant until Proven Otherwise!!!!!


22 thoughts on “Kissing Ovaries. Post Retrieval Day 1

  1. Eeeek!! That is so exciting!! So glad you aren’t as ucomfortable today, please fill me in with the ohss preventative diet stuff, that is really the only thing that petrifies me about this whole process. Thinking of you over these next few days and hoping for a perfect transfer 🙂

    • I know, OHSS is super scary, especially because you read about it so much on people’s blogs. I am thankful my doctors were sooo careful and kept decreasing my doses to prevent it! As for the diet, it includes lots of fluids with electrolytes, salty drinks like V8 or chicken broth, increasing your protein intake via whey protein shakes, boost, eggs, lean meat, decreasing simple starches and sugar. I can get really specific at some point if you want…but those are the basics. Big believer in it! I am SO excited for you!! It’s an amazing journey…filled with so much HOPE!

  2. WOOOHOOO! That’s fabulous…what a great report!! OUCHIES with your ovaries! When I did IVF, I had way less eggs than you, and my ovaries still hurt badly for a week! I feel for you! You’re doing great though. Keep hanging in there. 🙂 I’m so excited for you to be PUPO 😀

    • Thanks, Lisa, for all the support! I hope I can keep on the up and up from here on out! I was surprised how painful they really did get. Thank for some relief. I want you to know that I am praying for you!!!

  3. WOW! So excited for you…as we are “trying” again on Clomid this month, I know the feeling of simmering excitement. However, you are even further along in this process. Praise God! May His peace wrap around you over the coming days!

    • Lauren, so good to hear from you. So excited that you guys are trying again with Clomid. I am so excited to read about how things are going! Thank you for your prayers. I take great comfort in our King! I am so thankful to be able to walk with God through all this. He is so good and trustworthy!

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