2nd TRIMESTER!!! Woweeee! 14w1d

October 1st marked the first official day of my second trimester according to babycenter.com!!!  I am so excited to reach this point.  I have been feeling great.  I couldn’t have asked for a healthier, more feel good pregnancy thus far.  So, I decided to celebrate and post my first bump pic.  This was taken at 5:30am, before breakfast.  I get so bloated by the end of the day, so I wanted my bump pic to be tried and true – not the late evening bloat belly.

I feel that I have really settled into my pregnancy and don’t find myself anxiously anticipating my next change day as much as I used to.  It’s a real joy carrying our little “half pint” as my husband so affectionately refers to them as.

I look forward to writing more.  It has been a busy fall thus far.  Tomorrow we are headed to the mountains for our annual FALL get together with our dear friends.  It’s always a wonderful time for some R&R and a WHOLE lot of the great outdoors.  Last year they were pregnant during our trip.  How I remember dreaming that we would be on similar journey of our own this year and HERE WE ARE!  Such a blessing.


21 thoughts on “2nd TRIMESTER!!! Woweeee! 14w1d

  1. I have a quick question for you, as I am about to undergo IUI (I know that is different from IVF, but I thought some of the same principals might apply.). Anyway, what did you do during your TWW to help conception? I would love any tips! Blessings!

    • Oh how exciting!!!! I so hope this is IT for you and that October is your month!!! I would think that many of the same general principals would apply although there are so many different opinions out there. Of course, have sex the evening of and for the next 2-3 days following the procedure. I would try to eat a lot of foods that are more alkaline in nature. I would also try to take it easy for your two week window ( this is where people defer, but my IVF clinic was all about taking it easy and recommends to all it’s patients not to allow their heart rate to get above 140bpm). Have some projects ready to do. Some low stress, highly distracting projects to keep your mind occupied. It is soooo hard not to obsess over everything during the 2ww. Do you take vitamin D? How about DHA (in omega 3 fatty acids)? Look into them and their fertility benefits. I would highly recommend them and think they played a huge role in our success though I will never know for sure. I’m so excited for you and will continue to keep you in my prayers. Blessings, blessings, blessings upon you!!!

  2. Simply beautiful!!! I am excited that you will be able to enjoy this getaway with a happy heart and a adorable bump to boot. Happy Second Trimester sweetie! xoxo

    • Thanks, Chanel! How are you doing? How are things going for you guys! We had a great getaway. I just love the fall weather…and all the cozy vests and sweaters that go with it. Sending you huge hugs!

    • I love your description…a bear on barbiturates! : ) I was hoping to leave this tiredness behind with the 1st trimester, but it sounds like it just might not happen. Are you guys going to find out the sex of your baby? You must be getting close to that ultrasound if so. : )

      • WE ARE SOON!!! We went at 13 weeks to a specialist with one of the best machines, and he couldn’t confirm the gender, though he was swayed one way… SO we went monday to my regular doctor, who also has a pretty good machine, and the baby wouldn’t uncross its ankles. I was very disappointed!!! Tomorrow, I am going to a college that teaches ultrasound machines to students and uses us preggos as ginuea pigs…which means we can have free ultrasounds! That’s a pretty sweet setup. Maybe one of their instructors can see the gender! I HOPE! We are in the process of a gender reveal video and we need the finale so I can post it and send it to friends

      • Oh my!!!!!! How exciting!!!! I am hoping you know the gender by now. I would love to hear how it went as a guinea pig for the ultrasound training. How fun as a pregnant lady…”no, take as long as you need, I am just enjoying watching my baby on the monitor.” SO FUN! We are going to do a gender reveal party. I just think it is all so fun and that you just gotta celebrate these milestones. How did your video turn out!!!!? Any fun props?

  3. Well the college was a bust, although they spend an hour with you, they just couldn’t get a shot of the goods. BUT we did find out the next day when psychotic me found an office that would fit me in for it. They found it easily and we will be putting it on the blog in the next week or 2! The only props we used were just random pink and blue things, us dressing and walking around in pink and blue, stuff like that, then at the end we will be opening a box of balloons of whatever color so they fly away in the wind! Just shot that scene last thurs! I’m so excited to share it with everyone!

    • Oh, I can’t wait to see it!!!! So fun! Love the balloon idea. That’s too bad about your appointment with the college. I guess your little one wasn’t quite ready to show it all off! : ) Hope you have a fantastic week!

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