Wondering if I should start a new blog…looking for feedback!

For some time I have been wondering if I should start a new blog.  I want to be sensitive to all members of this community, particularly those still trying to get pregnant.  At the same time, I want to feel free to document and journal my way through life….whether that be infertility, pregnancy, motherhood or whatever else gets thrown at my family or myself, for that matter, in the future.  I realize that posting blogs about diapering and baby bumps and updates can be hurtful and difficult to swallow for those trying to get pregnant so for the most part I have shied away from writing too many blog posts.  But I want to write…and write freely of my journey to motherhood.  More than anything, I created this blog as an outlet to express my thoughts and heart in the midst of one of the most difficult times in my life.  I never could have dreamed of the community I would find once I began to do so.  It has been a HUGE added bonus and blessing.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Is it time to move on?  To start fresh?  I know many who have done so in the past and I am beginning to wonder if it is my turn to follow suit.

Thanks for your feedback.



I dream of……………DiAPeRs!


Ok, I said it. It’s out and on the table. I am BEYOND obsessed with my new cloth diapers. So much so that I had to share my obsession with you and can hardly wait to try them. Can you tell that I am clearly NEW to diapering? What expectant mom of one dreams about cloth diapering and can’t wait to begin diapering her second. But a first time mom…these are the things we get excited about. I could be wrong. But I just imagine that moms getting ready to have their second one are OVER it! (Ok, maybe I am alone even amongst first time expectant moms, but the thought of saving thousands of dollars and reducing my environmental footprint is definitely appealing – had to throw that last part in because I am from Portland, Oregon and it is only appropriate that I say that.) But for me…opening up my box of brand new bumgenius 4.0s as well as some gently used ones I found on Craigslist for a killer deal just had me over the moon and around the corner. Specifically, these put me around the corner. I am already OVER the moon in LOVE with our sweet daughter…but to imagine her in these wonderful little diapers and a cute headband on her head. BLISS! Call me crazy. I am…and will fully admit to it.

In addition to the advice of many friends of mine who cloth diaper and LOVE it, I have spent months researching the many options and finally settled on these. There was a spectacular Black Friday Deal at bouncing babies where I was able to snag these brand new for about $12 each. Hardly could believe it!  So here I am, enjoying these treasured gifts beneath the tree. Treasured because they signify so much more then just a diaper to me. They are just another reminder of the new life that God is blessing us with. Reminders of the gift that being a mom will be…especially the joy that comes with the knowledge that God has hand picked us to be the steward of our little girl’s heart as she grows into the woman God has created her to be. It’s the little things that have become so special now. I could have only dreamed about going so far as to think about diapers a year ago…but now I can google and research and price compare to my heart’s content.

Oh, what will be next…..

We are having a….

No words can even begin to describe the joy I have experienced since finding out we were having a precious little girl.  I would have been so happy either way, but in my heart of hearts I was so hoping this little one would be a girl.  I could hardly sleep the night of our gender reveal party, after we found out.  My heart experienced true love all over again and I was reminded of the way I felt about my husband after meeting him.  Giddy with excitement, and a heart overflowing with joy and love…a girl.  A precious, tender little treasure.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my God and King for the gift of being pregnant.  It will never be something I take for granted.  Standing before our family and friends, just as we were about to cut the cake and discover the gender of our baby, we took a few moments to stop and thank our friends and family who have walked a very difficult and long road with us.  A road fraught with hardship, broken dreams, and feelings of failure.  A road that has since been redeemed and made new.  A road we will never forget and that forged a stronger marriage, a deeper faith, and a greater appreciation for the gift that giving life really is.

Team BOY and Team GIRL…a great way to document who thought we were having which gender!

And a few more pictures of the actual reveal party of our party…BEST party EVER!!!!

We are soooo excited to meet you sweet baby girl!

19 weeks, ULTRASOUND day, and gender reveal party planning! Keeping busy!

This is a BIG week for us!

I can hardly believe I am a little less than one week away from being halfway through this pregnancy!  6 days and counting!

Today is our anatomy ultrasound.  I am trying to keep myself distracted by planning a little bit more of our gender reveal party next Friday.  So far, I have been able to settle on some cute ideas for decorations, cupcakes, the cake itself and some cookies shaped like onesies that will say boy or girl on them.  (Can you tell that I am very concerned about the food, particularly the sweets?  YUM!  A huge priority for me! : )) I am not much of a party planner and had a difficult time planning our wedding.  I ended up delegating most of that to family and friends, but with this party…obviously it is on a much smaller scale, but it is still a very special day for us.  We will ask the tech to seal our ultrasound results up in an envelope and then off it goes to the baker! : )  I’m hoping that neither our tech nor OB accidentally slip and spill the beans to us.

I have also been busy making a few lasagnas today for our party.  I figure I will freeze them.  Love a good homemade lasagna.  My family has been making this lasagna recipe for decades.  It’s a lot of work though, so I typically do it only once a year and then make plenty for the freezer as they keep very well.

This past weekend we had some announcement/holiday photos taken!  They are incredible!  We have only seen a few of the edited versions, but it was so fun to finally announce our pregnancy to the world!  It has been a really sweet time for us, full of thanksgiving and rejoicing!  We feel so very blessed!

Here are 3 of them: