19 weeks, ULTRASOUND day, and gender reveal party planning! Keeping busy!

This is a BIG week for us!

I can hardly believe I am a little less than one week away from being halfway through this pregnancy!  6 days and counting!

Today is our anatomy ultrasound.  I am trying to keep myself distracted by planning a little bit more of our gender reveal party next Friday.  So far, I have been able to settle on some cute ideas for decorations, cupcakes, the cake itself and some cookies shaped like onesies that will say boy or girl on them.  (Can you tell that I am very concerned about the food, particularly the sweets?  YUM!  A huge priority for me! : )) I am not much of a party planner and had a difficult time planning our wedding.  I ended up delegating most of that to family and friends, but with this party…obviously it is on a much smaller scale, but it is still a very special day for us.  We will ask the tech to seal our ultrasound results up in an envelope and then off it goes to the baker! : )  I’m hoping that neither our tech nor OB accidentally slip and spill the beans to us.

I have also been busy making a few lasagnas today for our party.  I figure I will freeze them.  Love a good homemade lasagna.  My family has been making this lasagna recipe for decades.  It’s a lot of work though, so I typically do it only once a year and then make plenty for the freezer as they keep very well.

This past weekend we had some announcement/holiday photos taken!  They are incredible!  We have only seen a few of the edited versions, but it was so fun to finally announce our pregnancy to the world!  It has been a really sweet time for us, full of thanksgiving and rejoicing!  We feel so very blessed!

Here are 3 of them:















7 thoughts on “19 weeks, ULTRASOUND day, and gender reveal party planning! Keeping busy!

  1. Love the pictures!! And yay for being halfway done! I wanted to do a gender reveal party…but then I realized that meant I’d have to plan a party at my house and pay for it haha!!! We ended up doing a gender reveal video and posting it on the blog after we sent it to our close family! It’s freakin adorable. I saw some cute gender reveal party stuff on pinterest in yellow and grey color schemes!

  2. How exciting! I cannot believe someone knows and its not you! I can’t take the suspense!!! LOL…

    Your pictures are stinking adorable and I’m so glad everything is going well. I can’t wait to hear how the party goes!!

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