We are having a….

No words can even begin to describe the joy I have experienced since finding out we were having a precious little girl.  I would have been so happy either way, but in my heart of hearts I was so hoping this little one would be a girl.  I could hardly sleep the night of our gender reveal party, after we found out.  My heart experienced true love all over again and I was reminded of the way I felt about my husband after meeting him.  Giddy with excitement, and a heart overflowing with joy and love…a girl.  A precious, tender little treasure.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my God and King for the gift of being pregnant.  It will never be something I take for granted.  Standing before our family and friends, just as we were about to cut the cake and discover the gender of our baby, we took a few moments to stop and thank our friends and family who have walked a very difficult and long road with us.  A road fraught with hardship, broken dreams, and feelings of failure.  A road that has since been redeemed and made new.  A road we will never forget and that forged a stronger marriage, a deeper faith, and a greater appreciation for the gift that giving life really is.

Team BOY and Team GIRL…a great way to document who thought we were having which gender!

And a few more pictures of the actual reveal party of our party…BEST party EVER!!!!

We are soooo excited to meet you sweet baby girl!

15 thoughts on “We are having a….

    • Thank you sooo much!!!! We are thrilled! So happy for you too…been following along!!! I think your post title captured it all “Positively Terrified”!!! It’s an exciting, but very terrifying time those first few weeks waiting on betas and ultrasounds!!!!

    • Oh my…you are soooo right! This is going to be trouble! I want sooo many of them. Had to hop right on over after I saw your comment. WOW. Also, I am in love with the online shop newarrivalsinc.com for all things crib and wall decor. So much fun!!!! I can’t wait for this little girl to get here.

    • Thanks, Kelly! I give you all the credit. You inspired me and it was SOOOO fun and worth all the effort. And…and I stole your little ribbon idea. I really loved your blue ribbon with your white dress; wanted to do something with ribbon too as I thought it was just too CUTE!

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a leibster award! Check out my post for the details and where you are listed! 🙂 Your posts make me laugh and brighten my day, keep it up!

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