I dream of……………DiAPeRs!


Ok, I said it. It’s out and on the table. I am BEYOND obsessed with my new cloth diapers. So much so that I had to share my obsession with you and can hardly wait to try them. Can you tell that I am clearly NEW to diapering? What expectant mom of one dreams about cloth diapering and can’t wait to begin diapering her second. But a first time mom…these are the things we get excited about. I could be wrong. But I just imagine that moms getting ready to have their second one are OVER it! (Ok, maybe I am alone even amongst first time expectant moms, but the thought of saving thousands of dollars and reducing my environmental footprint is definitely appealing – had to throw that last part in because I am from Portland, Oregon and it is only appropriate that I say that.) But for me…opening up my box of brand new bumgenius 4.0s as well as some gently used ones I found on Craigslist for a killer deal just had me over the moon and around the corner. Specifically, these put me around the corner. I am already OVER the moon in LOVE with our sweet daughter…but to imagine her in these wonderful little diapers and a cute headband on her head. BLISS! Call me crazy. I am…and will fully admit to it.

In addition to the advice of many friends of mine who cloth diaper and LOVE it, I have spent months researching the many options and finally settled on these. There was a spectacular Black Friday Deal at bouncing babies where I was able to snag these brand new for about $12 each. Hardly could believe it!  So here I am, enjoying these treasured gifts beneath the tree. Treasured because they signify so much more then just a diaper to me. They are just another reminder of the new life that God is blessing us with. Reminders of the gift that being a mom will be…especially the joy that comes with the knowledge that God has hand picked us to be the steward of our little girl’s heart as she grows into the woman God has created her to be. It’s the little things that have become so special now. I could have only dreamed about going so far as to think about diapers a year ago…but now I can google and research and price compare to my heart’s content.

Oh, what will be next…..


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