9+ weeks to go…

Time is flying now.  A little over 9 weeks to go and I can hardly believe it.  In a little less then 2 weeks, we are heading to Hawaii for some continuing education, a little R&R, some sunshine and our final vacation as just the two of us.  I am really looking forward to it, though we will be traveling at 33/34 weeks.  Thankfully, our hospital system has a hospital over here.  Our OB printed our chart and wished us well on our adventure as we won’t be seeing her again until after our trip.  After we arrive home, I feel like the countdown will really be on with 6 weeks left to go before the arrival of our sweet little girl.  I can hardly believe how fast this trimester is going.  I remember our first trimester felt so long and each day a milestone as we waited to get into the safer zone of the 2nd trimester.  Timed moved a little more quickly in that semester as I finally embraced our pregnancy and began to enjoy planning for our sweet baby.  Of course, with that semester brought the discovery of her gender which has only further endeared our hearts to her.  By the way, we are pretty settled on a name though we are keeping it to ourselves until her birth.  I thought about maybe sharing it at my shower in early March, but I think I am just going to wait.  Early on, we shared a few of our names with people and I was surprised at some individuals blunt and not always pleasant response to some of the names we had been considering.  When we found out it was going to be a girl, our previous girl names no longer seemed fitting and soon we came upon the one we now love! 

The nursery is coming along.  Today, our dresser is being delivered.  I don’t think we will have much furniture in the nursery…just a crib, dresser, and a bookshelf.  I have opted not to get a chair and am using the dresser as a changing table.  I have handmade most of the decor, ideas captured through hours of scouring pinterest and other baby websites.  We even took the plunge this week and painted stripes on one entire wall.  I LOVE it!  It looks so elegant and feminine…just a beautiful space for our beautiful daughter. I love to just sit on the floor and dream of my next move, the next decoration, the best ways to organize.  Anyway, I will post a few pix very soon!

I have had no significant bouts of back pain or any real discomforts as of late.  I can definitely tell when I have overdone it in the nursery.  I am noticing increasing amounts of shortness of breath when I read out loud.  It’s interesting that it usually only happens when reading and not talking…but anyway…I can deal with that.  Of course, some more tiredness is settling in though this too has been manageable.

I have been really enjoying reading everyone’s updates and blog posts.  I feel invested in so many lives and its been so exciting to see many of these women now pregnant.  It has been such a joy to follow their journeys through updates and pictures. 

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


10 thoughts on “9+ weeks to go…

  1. So exciting! I can’t believe you are in the single digits for weeks! It did go by fast, didn’t it?

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the nursery. We also went with minimal furniture. I do have a chair but we also opted to use the dresser as a changing area and I have no regrets…yet! I’m glad to hear your back is better. But boo for it being harder to breathe! Good thing it doesn’t last long. Enjoy your vacation and I am looking forward to more updates!

    • I know…single digits…not sure how it happened either. I definitely think simple is better when it comes to the nursery. The hardest part at this point is not knowing what we really need right now and what will be beneficial vs stuff that you feel like you are supposed to have because it worked for this person or that one. Simplicity is good place for us right now. We can always get a chair or other things as needed.

      Anyway, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for YOU! I have been dying for an update and was so glad to see one from you today. I am praying for you every morning. Can’t wait to see Landon and hear your birth story. You are going to be such an amazing mama! I am SOO excited for you!

  2. That cracks me up about getting winded when reading out loud. It happens every night when I do storytime with my little boy. I thought it was because I’ve been on bed rest for so long and was just out if shape. Guess not!!! Can’t wait to see the nursery and have a great trip!

    • I know…what is it? I decided it must be our increased respiratory rates with pregnancy…reading out loud must really affect the spacing of all of those breaths we need. 🙂 I don’t know…anyway, How far a long are you now? I will post some nursery pix soon! It has been SOOO much FUN!

  3. This is so exciting!! I can’t believe you are almost there! I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! That sounds like an awesome plan. Thinking of you!! xoxo

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