35+ weeks

Can’t believe we are officially on the countdown.  Less then 5 weeks to go!!!  I am so excited and get more anxious to meet this little girl of ours with each passing day.

We recently arrived home from our BABYMOON!  It was wonderful and went as smoothly and perfectly as it could have gone.  We were mostly on the big island of Hawaii where we enjoyed lots of snorkeling, hiking, volcano exploring, whale watching and of course, there was a lot of eating involved.  For some reason, I had some crazy surge of energy and was able to do some pretty long hikes.  We definitely got some stares and and questions about me traveling so deep into our pregnancy.  But our OB was 100% on board and our hospital system has a hospital in the islands, so she was comfortable sending us on our way.  It was really special to share that time with my husband and just bask in the glory of our relationship and reflect on how far God has brought us over the past few years.  We are so thankful that are family is growing and looking forward to creating many more memories with her in the mix!

(CAUTION:  Some gross TMI ahead.) Arriving home from Hawaii, I developed one of the worst possible cases of hemorrhoids EVER!  I’m really not sure what brought them on.  If it was the long flight home or just a multitude of factors, but they pretty much STOPPED me dead in my tracks.  I had first developed them about a month earlier.  They were about the size of pea and although uncomfortable, were completely manageable with a little TLC.  But these little guys grew to the size of grapes and were red, angry, inflamed little beasts that made it difficult to walk, sit or stand.  Work was beyond uncomfortable and it took all the strength in me to not break down in tears throughout the day.  I have a new found sympathy and respect for people who have endured this horrible complication of pregnancy.  I have been on 4 medications, two of which are prescriptions, doing sitz baths, and icing them since last Tuesday.  Prior to the weekend, I talked to one of the colorectal surgeons about possibly lancing them.  He was worried they might be thrombosed.  Yet over the weekend, I finally began to get a little relief.  Last night I was able to go for a walk for the first time in a week.  Though they haven’t shrunken down a whole lot, they are no longer angry and wreaking havoc on me.  I had to add a whole new level of fiber into my daily routine.  This regimen now includes 1 tbsp of chia seeds every day, doubling my colace intake, and Metamucil 2x daily.  These things have really helped!  Although, yesterday I had a new problem with this whole deal and that was that my hemorrhoid suppository (yes, suppository – I think it is the only thing that has truly helped…so, so fun too to stick something up there, but I got over it quickly), slowly oozed out over the course of the day and left its mark on my underwear and eventually my scrubs.  I had no idea I had a huge glycerin, oily looking stain on my back side until late in the day when I noticed I had left a mark on a chair while giving a colleague a break!  It was humiliating and I just couldn’t deal with any more work for the day…I let my boss know I was leaking a little something (because you gotta tell them the truth – without the details of course) and went home feeling embarrassed and defeated in all of this.  You finally get over the pain, and now you are leaking goodies from your anus!  Because it was oily, it didn’t feel wet and I never even noticed. : (  Who knows how long I had been walking around like that.

Anyway, I’m sure you are OVER that and do not want to hear another word, but it has been weighing on me and has been my life for a week…so I just have to get it OUT!

I had my work shower on Sunday evening and it was truly a special time.  My dear friend went all out and spoiled me rotten.  She could be a professional party planner/caterer.  It was so beautiful and humbling to see all the effort she put into it!  The food was simply divine and was a Spanish tapas theme.  I could hardly believe I was attending my own shower, a day I could only dream about a year ago.  While deep into our infertility battle, I used to dig up all sorts of excuses why I couldn’t attend a friend’s showers.  They were so difficult for me.  It was such a blessing to attend my own.  I can hardly believe I have a sweet human of our own creation growing in my womb – what a reason to celebrate!

Oh and I have been meaning to mention that I found the GREATEST pregnancy lifesaver if you have struggled with any amount of back pain or just do not want to walk that road.  It is called the maternity cradle.  I have been faithfully wearing it for the past month and it has made this heavier portion of the pregnancy quite bearable and I feel really good about not straining the muscles or ligaments in my back.  You can always tell I am wearing it with it’s v-neck looking straps, some may not like that, but I am over it and have embraced it for all the health benefits and the fact that I can be so much more active with it on.  Here is a stock photo of the device:


Those are the major updates for now.  Wish me luck with these hemorrhoids! : )  I will leave you with a few maternity pictures my husband took of me while in Hawaii.  So, so FUN! (These were taken at 33 weeks.)

IMG_2497test picture IMG_2400test picture IMG_2515test picture

16 thoughts on “35+ weeks

  1. hey I hear you on the hemrrhoids – at 27 weeks I’m already getting them, though with twins I’m closer to the size of 33 so it makes sense. Thusfar they have been manageable but I’ve had a few painful ones in the past (pre pregnancy) so I can totally relate. They are NOT fun.
    BEAUTIFUL pictures!! So glad you enjoyed your babymoon!

    • Oh, Theresa! NO FUN! I hope you side skirt the whole painful hemorrhoid thing in your pregnancy. I never realized what a nuisance and I’ll call it a “life-stopper” they could really be!!!

    • It was absolutely beautiful! How fun that you get to vacation over there yearly! How are you? How are things going? Thank you for your prayers and support! We can hardly believe how close are due date is! HUGS!

      • I’m doing well, totally engulfed in my new office, but it’s been nice to take a little respite from the fertility stuff. We have a consult later this month with our RE and will probably move ahead with another treatment in early summer. Take care!!

  2. First of all, I’m so sorry about your butt hole. LOL!!! Mine must not be bad enough for me to take a mirror down there because I’m just scared to see. I only have problems when I’m a little…backed up I guess. I hope your hiney feels better soon, because it sounds terrible!
    Second, I love the pictures!!!!
    Third, stock photo of the pregnancy belt?!! I need real life photos! I’ve been wearing one that’s just a strap, and it just moves the back pain to a different spot on my spine, which is fine because it gives my normal pain a break.

  3. Okay, first…I totally sympathize with you on the hemorrhoids. I didn’t get them bad until after I delivered and lately they hurt worse than my stitches so my heart goes out to you my dear! And mine were somewhere between grape and pea and now they’re down to maybe a mini chocolate chip and I still hate life! I did get some relief from Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Mama Bottom Balm because it actually soothed the pain for a bit. Well, that and my mega dose of Motrin. I had to up my stool softener to twice a day as well as quit taking my iron tablets (the doctor doesn’t know this but I don’t care) and have finally gotten some relief. I hope they get better for you and not worse after delivery!

    Second, I love how you described your shower. I felt the same way. Surreal, huh? Weird when you can’t make excuses anymore. Next you’ll be invited to a kid’s birthday party or a mommy and me outing and won’t be able to say no to that either! (But part of you may still want to) but I really hope you enjoy mommyhood now!!!

    Last, OMG your photos are gorg! Love them!! I bet your sweet girl will love looking at them someday 🙂

    • Oh, my dear friend, Kelly….so good to hear from you! I have been such a bad blogger lately! Anyway, your hemorrhoids sound awful! I’m glad to hear they DO get better. I haven’t tried that Mama Angel stuff. I’ll have to look for those products. I am SO nervous about post delivery…will they grow to be the size of tangerines? I’m just not sure how to handle it. Luckily, I am feeling better these past few days. …and trying to just stay on my HUGE fiber routine.

      How is mommyhood? How are you doing? I look forward to more pix of you and your sweet boy!!!

  4. Mommyhood is great! But I absolutely hate breastfeeding. I’m too stubborn to give it up just yet, but it’s been rough. Not gonna lie. More pics will come! But right now he’s in that phase where he has that ugly baby acne and it looks terrible in pictures! 😦 The pediatrician says it will go away soon enough and I’m snapping dozens of pictures a day on my phone but just am hesitant to post until his poor skin heals up a bit more. It just looks so much worse in the pictures than it does in real life!

    But don’t be nervous about the post-delivery! If you do deliver vaginally, I worry the hemerrhoids might get a bit worse from the pushing, but as long as you continue your high fiber and all that stuff, I’m sure they will continue to get better. My biggest piece of advice to you there is to not be afraid to ask the nurses for anything you need. If your hospital/birth center is anything like mine, they have tons of stuff, but you have to ask for specifics. Not just “can I have something for the pain?” but know what’s out there to help you and ask for it. A friend of mine told me to ask for a spray for down there and they gave me a can of Dermaplast which is for both pain and itching. I also got Motrin, stool softener, and a cream for the hemerrhoids, but I had to ask for them every time. What was helpful for me was knowing what my hospital had and what I needed to bring. There are certain things they don’t want you to bring your own of (like Motrin) but I’m glad I had my own nipple cream and stuff like that. Just wish I had my butt balm! But for some reason, I was so worried about having a c-section, I was afraid to buy the stuff because I was worried I would jinx it and never get to use it. Next time (if I’m brave enough to have a second kid) I will definitely buy all my creams and sprays in advance and bring them with me.

    Oh the things we go through! Stay strong my dear! You are so close and God is with each of us! He will be by your side every step of the way, right? So don’t worry 🙂
    Thinking of you!

    • Kelly, such GREAT advice! You are always so informed and have SO much wisdom to offer! I am so glad you shared all of this with me. I am definitely going to look into that butt balm. Is it different then prep H? Different active ingredients?

      I am getting SOOOOOO worried about breastfeeding. You are the 3rd person this week that has told me that it has been SO hard for them. How do we get through it? How do we not give up? I am positive that I will have a tough time with it as well. I hate to set myself up for that, but that usually seems to be the way things go. I just hope there is some good support staff to help me. I can only imagine the frustration though of feeling like they are not getting enough and being in pain and sore and then the HORMONES that go with it all! AHHH! I remember you mention reading a book on breastfeeding…or maybe I dreamed that up? If so, was it helpful and which one was it? I really want to decrease my anxiety about it, but I am afraid that it might be one of those “you just don’t know until you do it” sorts of things!

      Love and HUGS!

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