Countdown to baby…36+ weeks

For these last few weeks of pregnancy, I am going to do my best to be super intentional about posting how things are going…more for my own sake so that I have some documentation to look back on.


The countdown is officially on!

THE OB APPOINTMENT:    We had a GREAT OB appointment this morning.  We were able to confirm that the gender REALLY is a girl as we got a nice little picture of her lady parts.  We have been a tad nervous about this as we have heard many stories over the past few months about a couple being told one thing and then birthing something else.  The picture pretty much sealed the deal for us though.  Even better, we also found out I am dilated 1cm and 40% effaced!!!  I know this means NOTHING in terms of predicting labor or timing of everything, but I am just thankful that my body is getting ready. She also guesstimated the weight to be about 5.5lbs at this point and said that our baby will probably be in the 7lb range.  Sounds pretty perfect to me! : )   Lastly, we have been thinking about doing some perineal massage to help prevent tearing during delivery.  Today, our OB showed us the proper technique and boy did it HURT!!!!!   WOW, right then and there I understood the need for an epidural.  She did it for about 5 seconds to me…and told us we should aim for 4-5 x/day for 1 min.  OH MY HURTNESS!  I told my husband we would have to work up to that.  Tearing is one of my biggest fears with delivery and so we are willing to try anything that could help.  Who knows if it’ll really help, but my OB said it certainly couldn’t hurt things.

I also picked up my breast pump today.  Thankfully, since my insurance is going to cover most if not all of it, I was able to splurge and get the breast pump I really want.  The Medela Freestyle, which is a hands free, battery operated pump.  Key for a mom like me who will be pumping in the shower stalls at work on my breaks.  Not much access to power near the showers.  Before they came out with the battery operated pump, my colleagues who pumped had to bring in 15 foot power cords to plug in their pumps.  NO FUN!  Anyway, it’s just nice to check another thing off the list.

Overall, I am feeling great.  The hemorrhoids are in check and once again tolerable and it is nice to be able to walk and work in relative comfort. : )   I am hoping to work right up to a few days before I deliver as I find it a great distraction and a good opportunity to get some good exercise during the day.  So 3 weeks more weeks as of tomorrow!

Like I said, the countdown is officially on.  I am SOOO beyond excited I can hardly stand it!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to baby…36+ weeks

  1. Yay for such good news all around!

    We tried massage also and I was pretty underwhelmed by it because I didn’t feel like it was doing much. Maybe we weren’t doing it right? We gave up on it because I couldn’t reach to do it myself and hubby didn’t want to do it anymore so we gave up after a week and for what it’s worth, I tore. I’m curious to see what happens with you.

    And I definitely recommend the epidural. It was awesome and sometimes I wish I still had it…LOL!

    I also have the freestyle pump and love it! While I’m home, I stick the pump in my bathrobe pocket and I’m free to roam the house while I pump. I also like how it doesn’t have too many parts and I have gotten really comfortable with all the parts and features. and the battery life is awesome. A full charge should definitely last you all day. I sometimes forget to charge it during the day and get 5 or 6 sessions out of it with still 1/2 battery left. Definitely worth it. Where Im at now mentally, I am seriously doubting having a second kid, BUT if I do change my mind, next time I may try pumping a few weeks before delivery to toughen up my nips. Don’t know if it will work, but it’s a thought. That part about BFing has been tough. Actually it has been tough all around for me but I wonder if I could have gotten through the toughening up part sooner if I would have run into as many of the problems I had. Maybe not but I do wonder.

    Good luck in your last few weeks!

    • Kelly, thanks for all your thoughts and comments! Always so good to hear. I like that you carry your pump around…very helpful things I guess I just wouldn’t have thought of…at least not on this side of things.

      We will see how the perineal massage goes…I will keep you posted. I am SOOO beyond nervous about tearing.

      I am extremely nervous about breastfeeding. The lady who taught our birthing/breastfeeding class just made it all sound so easy and I know this has not been the case for sooo many of my friends. I asked her about toughening up my nipples and she wasn’t a fan. But then, she wasn’t a fan of a lot of things…like Epidurals. So, it was hard to gauge how realistic her tips were and such. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      How are you feeling in general about everything? You mentioned you can’t image having #2. I can only imagine how overwhelming everything must be…especially when your whole life is consumed 24-7 by baby and baby’s needs. I appreciate your honesty sooo much and wish I lived in the area and could bring over a nice meal and some yummy dessert!

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