Almost 38 weeks…BEYOND excited!

I think we are officially BABY READY!  I never thought I would say that…but here we are, as ready as I think a couple could possibly be.  This reminds me that I need to post some nursery pix (maybe later today)!  I still find myself sitting away endless amounts of time just soaking up our sweet little girl’s room.  I LOVE it!

It has been a VERY busy past week.  My friends threw a shower for me last Sunday which turned out just absolutely beautiful and WAS so incredibly special.  It was pretty emotional for me.  So many faces filled the room, faces who had endured with us and walked through so many months and years of our pain.  It was surreal to see all our hopes and dreams come to fruition in this sweet moment of us all celebrating this God-given BLESSING of a daughter to us.

I am continuing to work 30 hours a week.  I’m not sure how I would make it without my maternity cradle support band and ted hose, though often I feel like one big compression stocking.  It definitely has been wearing me out these past few weeks but has been a GREAT distraction and I hope to work through the end of next week.  I am trying to walk as much as possible too and keep climbing hills around our house.  I figure they maximize the bang for my buck.  I don’t have a whole lot of energy for LONG walks, so I crank it up those hills a few times and it sure feels GOOD!

Friday was my husband’s BIRTHday!  The Big 3-0.  We had a lovely little shindig for him at his parent’s house.  He has some southern roots on both sides of his family so we cooked up a southern feast, played some human sized jenga, and had a camp fire.  It was a so much fun to celebrate him.  I LOVE that guy!

Friday was also the day I got my upper braces put on…and let me tell you…I am feeling HOT!  Teen mom here I come.  I have patients all the time ask me if I am old enough to give anesthesia…well, now with these braces I am afraid it will be even harder to convince them that I am almost twice the age of most teenagers.  Between the braces and my rings not really fitting anymore, I feel like I am fitting the stereotype quite well.  : )  I say that all in jest and fun.

In pregnancy related things, the Braxton Hicks have come on STRONG this week.  I had not experienced them in this pregnancy until last Sunday after my shower.  A few times this week we wondered if I might be going into labor especially since we know we are already dilated and effaced a bit.  But laying down always seems to calm them down.  So, we keep marching on.  I don’t have another OB appointment until this coming Friday.  It will have been almost 2.5 weeks since my last one.  I though I would have weekly appointments at this point, but my clinic seems to be pretty laid back about things.  I can hardly wait to see if we have made any progress.

Have a GREAT Sunday!  I am off to church…gotta get my walk in while the weather is holding up.

Oh and HAPPY St. Patrick’s DAY!


7 thoughts on “Almost 38 weeks…BEYOND excited!

  1. Ohhh so close! Looking forward to the nursery pics;) I used to sit and daydream in mine before our daughter arrived almost : weeks ago. It’s so nice to be ready, isn’t it? Keep up that walking and you’ll be meeting your little blessing in no time!

  2. So excited for you! Your stories are truly an inspiration… wishing you a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and a health and successful birth of your daughter! With love, EMW

    • Thanks, Lisa, I can’t believe how the time has FLOWN!!!! I hope you are feeling better today! I can only imagine how you must be feeling with that back/hip pain day in an day out. I had a little bit earlier on and it was just miserable. I admire your attitude and your willingness to persevere through it all! It is going to be SOOO worth it when you are holding that baby boy in your arms!!!! God is GOOD! Sending you big HUGS!

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