Our sweet girl’s nursery!!!!

I am soooo excited to post a few pictures of our nursery. It has been a labor of love and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We made most of the decorations apart from the two framed pictures I ordered off of Etsy (one of which still sits on the dresser and needs to be hung). It is my favorite room in the house and I just can’t wait to create so many memories in here.

Once she is born we are going to move the fabric wheels into some sort of a circle that will enclose her name. I bought wooden letters and painted them off white. Honestly, we have had her name picked out since about a week after our gender reveal party. I can hardly wait for everyone to call her by name!!!

Other then that, we are pretty much done in here. I have a chair in the corner. It’s not a rocker so we’ll see if we need to do something else. We have also adopted a wait and see mentality on all things changing pad/table for now and plan to change her diaper on the pack and play changing area or on the floor or bed or couch or wherever we happen to be. Time will tell how this plan will hold up.

Also, I had another OB appointment today and we are making good progress. I am now dilated 1.5cm and 60-70% effaced and she is at a -2 station. Very, very low!!! We are 11 days out from our due date and anxious to see how things play out!









14 thoughts on “Our sweet girl’s nursery!!!!

    • Thanks so much! It has been a lot of fun. I got that crib blanket at TJ Maxx Home Goods. Gotta love that, right? I just hope my cervix keeps doing its thing. I am ready…ANY day now, right? Will definitely send some vibes your way!

  1. Beautiful colors! I love the “fearfully and wonderfully made” poster ๐Ÿ™‚
    Landon also has some of those wooden animals you have in white frames in his room! I have the froggy and elephant! I like your wait and see approach on the chair and table. I have a glider and while I really do love it, I find I dont rock in it very much and sometimes think a smaller, simpler chair would do. But oh well, it’s comfy and makes those 3am feedings a little cozier!

    I cannot wait to hear her name! You are so close! Also jealous of your cervix. If mine cooperated, I may not have been a week late but apparently my cervix wanted him to stay in! LOL. Praying for a smooth delivery for you!

    • Thanks Kelly for your sweet comments. I had so much fun making that fearfully and wonderfully made poster. I really wanted that verse in her nursery and want her to always know just how precious she is in God’s sight! : )

      I sure hope my body keeps cooperating. I can’t decide if it means much. I am getting SO antsy. It hit me on Saturday and I am just having a hard time keeping myself busy and distracted.

      How are things going! Can’t wait to see more pictures. Can’t get enough. I hope BF is getting better and better!


  2. Yayyyy! It’s beautiful! So exiting:) I didn’t know your cervix was already gearing up for the big day;) – that’s great! You’re ahead of the game. Praying that your time comes quickly and all goes well for the arrival of your baby girl!

  3. Hi, I discovered your blog recently and loved it so much I went back and read every post from the beginning.
    Your words have helped me keep my own faith during this very trying and emotional roller coaster called ivf. My egg retrieval is scheduled for 1st April 2013.
    I can’t wait for you to finally have your blessed little girl in your arms.

    • Oh…I can’t even beging to tell you how much your comment means to me. God is so faithful and I am just amazed how he continues to use this blog to bless His people! Seriously, I have not been able to stop thinking about it all day. It truly blesses me!!! I am sooo excited for you and hope that everything goes well for you next Monday. What a HUGE day for you! How are you feeling? How are those eggs doing? You’ll have to keep me posted. I am trying to figure out if you have a blog I can follow. Please send me a link if so!!! HUGS, HUGS, and more HUGS. Be encouraged…he is SOOOO faithful!

      • I have been blogging about this journey, but so far, it isnt anything I’ve shared with anyone. For now, it just a collection of ‘letters’ to the baby I pray for so dearly. I wanted to write down my thoughts and feelings for him or her to one day know just how badly he/she was wanted and prayed for.

        I can honestly say that I found your blog at a time when my faith was wavering. But reading through it, your words have really helped me get back on track. Words I couldnt form in prayer began to manifest on my lips, and my heart opened up once more.

        Thank you very much for writing this. I can honestly say that you’ve helped me alot. Now instead of praying “God, please make this work”, I now pray “God, give me your peace, whichever way this goes”
        (I remember several posts from you praying for peace with the outcome, and I thought that was really powerful.)

        I cried several times during reading your posts, mostly because your feelings of hope and complete relyance on His mercy, is exactly how I am feeling at this very moment.

        I’m so happy when stories like yours turn out to be happy ones. I only hope that in a few weeks, I can be a happy story too.

        God bless you!

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