No greater JOY! 4 weeks old.

IMG_3158test picture-4

Miss Eden Rose is 4 weeks old today.  It is so hard to believe.  I have gotten so caught up in this new season of life and feel like I have had little time to write.  I want to be more intentional about it…for her.  To document these early days of her precious life.  But for now, I am just going to post a few pictures.

My husband and I took these pictures of her during her first week of life.  We opted not to go to a newborn photographer and decided to attempt to take pictures of our own.  We spent about $100 on props and invested in a special lens for our camera, figuring it would pay off over the long haul.  I am extremely pleased with how they turned out and am so happy we saved hundreds of dollars in the process.

P.S. I watermarked them as I have read stories of other bloggers pictures being stolen.   The first picture was taken at 1 week and the second was taken at 5 days old.  I’m really looking forward to her 1 month photos coming up in a few days.

IMG_3133test picture-2


13 thoughts on “No greater JOY! 4 weeks old.

    • Been thinking of you and have been the worst blogger and terrible about responding to your posts, but have read all of them! I can completely relate to you on the whole google thing. I am really not sure what I would do without it! Anything and everything goes around here and for the most part, I think it has been pretty helpful…although alot of times it seems to lead me to those forums. How is Landon doing? Can he really be already almost 12 weeks? WOW! I was so encouraged to read a few weeks ago that following babywise is going well for you guys and that he was beginning to really stretch out his sleep over the night! How completely wonderful! I think I have been a terrible blogger lately as I am having a hard time working through the fogginess I feel so much of the time. Hopefully that will get better with time…probably not until there is more sleep, but one can hope! Sometimes I am embarrassed to even talk as I feel like what I say isn’t even coherent. : ) Anyway, I am just rambling on. Thinking of you and hope you are doing well!

      • Eh, no worries about not commenting! I can’t be bothered to blog these days but love to read also!
        The fogginess does get better. It’s crazy how I came in to mommyhood all type-A with a plan laid out and everything, but when he got here, I was just a deer in the headlights. The fog faded for me somewhere around one month and I got my act together and was able to think through things and it all started making sense again. BabyWise has been confusing to implement but we kind of put our own spin on it and yes, he is doing awesome! He of course has his cranky moments but overall, he does pretty well. I cannot believe it has been almost 12 weeks either! How do we make them stop growing?
        I’ve been thinking of you also and hope your recovery is going okay!

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