What about the Men?

I read this article out load to my husband last night. We could identify with it in it’s entirety. So glad this is being written about and I pray it brings awareness to this often lonely and heartbreaking struggle.

Recipe for a Family

There are a few good articles out this week, before Father’s Day that addresses the toll that Infertility takes on men.  Here is a good one:



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One thought on “What about the Men?

  1. I absolutely loved the hopeful pink lady blog. Many of them get pregnant and you never know what happens. My husband and I had 6 failed Iui and one failed ivf and I’m currently awaiting my first fet of 2 day 5aa frosties. We have also had a few miscarriage so the happy pictures and the similar story of the fear of loss that seems to have taken a back burner after some time is a relief because I too am terrified and saddened of being ‘unhappy’ for what should be such a happy event.

    Thank you for posting your story. It’s helped me and I’m going to save the link!

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