4 months has come so fast!

This weekend sweet Eden Rose will be 4 months.  It has been 4 months of near perfect bliss.  Truly, I could not feel more fortunate, more blessed.  I have cherished each and every moment with our girl and am trying to not DREAD going back to work next week.  This maternity leave has been a busy one.  My mom stayed with us for about 3 of the 4 months.  We sold our old home, bought a new one and moved.  My brother moved in with us and is between careers and is here for an indefinite amount of time. We traveled to Washington a few times…one time I drove the 8 hours all by myself.  That was CRAZY!  I would pump as a drive.  (Thanks to FABULOUS pumping bras)  Then we would stop at Starbucks and each get the refreshment we needed from the long drive.  Her some milk, me a little chai!  It was a LOT of work by myself at 2 months.  The weather was HOT, spit up and constipation in full swing…the smells of sour milk and sweat drove me home early.  But nonetheless, I have no regrets for how these past 4 months have gone.  I feel so blessed.  The word CHERISH has been my mantra.  Lately, each morning, we just snug and snuggle as long as possible.  She is an awesome sleeper, sleeping from 8:30p – 7…then I wake her up (or daddy wakes her up…we often sneak her up a bit earlier, just aching to see our little girl), feed her and then she and I will snuggle in bed for another 2 hours before feeding her in bed and determining that I really should probably get up!  I just love those moments together.  Her turned towards me.  She will just stare into my eyes and do her sweet blinking thing, making cooing noises and smile at me.  MELTS my heart! How precious these mornings are to me!   I realize that we it won’t always be this easy, that we will probably have some regression once I go back to work or she begins teething or something…but for now, I am CHERISHING! : ) 

Our new house is a blessing out of my wildest dreams.  God just blessed us so much and things just all fell into place so perfectly.  It is truly my dream home and could be our forever home…with so much potential to grow with the ever changing needs of our family.  For now its perfect, we have our space and my brother also has plenty of space to make his own.  

I am getting back into wood working and am LOVING it!  We have boughten quite a few power tools and I am just getting so excited about the long list of projects I want to build.  Currently, I am working on a dining room table.  A modified version of THIS table:  Image

Thank you http://www.shanty-2-chic.com.  It has been SO fun to get back into the swing of things.  I am making a 2 base, shorter version of this table and have all the pieces for the bases done.  Yesterday, I began to assemble it.  It has been an awesome creative outlet for me.  I have not had any sort of a hobby for years and I am so excited to furnish our home with handmade creations at an affordable price!

Also, I can HARDLY wait to get started on our next baby and would already be pursuing it had our RE not recommended that year long wait.  I just LOVE it so much and really hope God blesses us with a houseful.  I know it would be completely chaotic, but I just LOVE loving on these little persons of our own making.  We have quite a few embryos, so I am just excited and hopeful about what is in store for us.  

Anyway, over these past 4 months, I have started at least 10 -11 posts and have not finished a single one.  Today, I am just going to post this.  This weekend I will be taking her 4 month photos so I am going to try my best to post one of those.  

Blessings to all! 


5 thoughts on “4 months has come so fast!

  1. I am so glad you are doing so well and making the most of every moment! It sounds like you have quite the sweet little lady there! Can’t wait to see the photos, I am very happy for you!

  2. Pumping + driving = you are my hero. I hate doing it, but it ends up happening at least once a week. And love how it’s like the epitome of multi tasking. Good work mama!

    I’m so glad to hear everything is going well! The 4 months did go by fast, huh? I have a friend who had a baby in early July who weighed the same as Landon when he was born and I was in shock to see how tiny he was. And Landon was 5 months then and twice the size. I was floored. It’s so true what they say about how fast it goes. Makes me sad!

    Yay for her sleeping through the night!

    And I wanna see this table when you’re done 😉

  3. I am SO impressed by the table… I would never have the ambition to tackle that kind of job, but I bet you feel so accomplished when you work on it!

    I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since Eden’s arrival! I hope you can at least *kinda of* enjoy being back at work… one of those bummer deals about putting so much into your education and career choice is knowing you will choose to be a working mom (at least that’s how I feel… I can’t justify not working after my education is complete!), but I hope that the time away from our babies will make the time with them even more CHERISHABLE 🙂 let me know how it all goes for you! (and hope you can avoid the 10 hour shifts, at least at first, hard to pump and keep a patient anesthetized at the same time!!)

  4. Time does fly:( Mine is 5 months and I can hardly believe it either! So glad to hear things are going so well. Can’t decide if I’m more jealous about your baby sleeping through the night or your ability to build furniture! 😉 Very cool!
    Hope your return to work is relatively smooth.

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