Processing miscarriage

In the weeks since my miscarriage, my state of being has been up and down. I still am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the purpose in all of this. I try to remember that so many have it worse, or are fighting bigger battles. I remember what a gift it is that we have our precious Eden. I remember just how truly blessed we are in this life and the absolute gift it is that we have such a strong, beautiful marriage. I remember, I give thanks, but the sting still hurts. From the very depths of my being, I grieve, I fight the longings and the ache of it all. Just tonight, a friend announced a pregnancy with a due date in the same week our precious little one would have been due. I thought I was good, but it brought back all the emotions, the hurt, the turmoil and confusion that surrounded those few weeks of my pregnancy given my emergent surgery and everything.

What’s been equally challenging is just how long this miscarriage is lasting. I thought it would all be over with the passing of the gestational sac, but now I wait for my hcg to drop. It has been 4 weeks. It went from 7700 to 95 to 31. In one and a half weeks I will go back in again for another hcg. I hope and pray that it will finally be less than 5, the magical number for which I wait. Once it is there, we will wait for a period to begin and then the whole process starts again. So potentially we are looking at another few months before we will be able to do an embryo transfer. I know what many may be thinking…”it’s just a few months, what’s the big deal?” And I know, it is easy to say such things…but I am telling you, it’s not that easy when you are living it, when daily you walk in the uncertainty of your future, when getting pregnant means injections, appointments, missing work, bed rest and so many thousands of dollars. It is all worth it, believe me and I know it completely but nonetheless it is taxing. And it becomes even more wearisome when it doesn’t work. And let me be honest in saying that I just felt so messed with with this whole last pregnancy. I just feel like the person Job in the bible and that God allowed everything to come crashing down in front of me…bit by bit. I know it is nothing compared to what Job lost, but it was a disheartening journey. The carrot would be dangled in front of me, and then hope would be dashed and then I would be asked to wait…and then the whole cycle would continue, hope…hope dashed…wait…hope…hope dashed…wait and then finally…complete LOSS and DEVASTATION.

Yet, as I have always said…faith endures, I will wait on God. I know that everything will be beautiful in time, that the waiting will be fruitful, that we will be blessed beyond measure…but it won’t be on our timeline. Right now I am in the refiner’s fire…getting worked over, molded. Day by day, my character grows stronger, my ability to persevere increasingly steadfast.

Get ready y’all…it’s going to be a beautiful story.


15 thoughts on “Processing miscarriage

  1. There is no such thing as “just a few months” when dealing with miscarriage (or infertility treatments). Every day is a big deal to get through…until eventually, you get to a point when each day doesn’t hurt as much. Time heals, but it IS a big deal to wait through it. Always praying for you, girl.

    • EVERY SINGLE DAY feels so long and the months ahead seem like an eternity. Why is that? When I am not feeling in the throes of infertility (in the month’s following Eden’s birth) time seem to pass so quickly. But now that I am back in the game, time seems to stand still. Like you said though, it does heal and for that I am thankful!!!!!!

  2. ugh… you will endure, but enduring typically sucks. enduring means being strong when it would be easier to be weak. enduring means trying again, when all you want is what you, for a few sparkly moments, already had. enduring isn’t fun. no one envies the endurer.
    however, danielle, you are are strong, you will get back up and try again, and you will walk and work forward, with the strength of Jesus at your back. it will a crazy-beautiful story! prayers for you!

    • You are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much. You hit the nail on the head…enduring SUCKS!!!!! Ahhh…I hate it sometimes…thankfully, I know that it is the only road worth living…worth walking in. The rest will only lead to more hardship and more destruction. Thank you for all your support over the past few years and for your encouragement!!!! Thankfully…as you said…Jesus walks with me!

  3. Sorry you’re dealing with this. No matter how blessed you are (child, marriage, etc.), this still hurts and is so hard. Be easy on yourself and let your heart and mind process the loss. Hugs

  4. I love the story of Job. It always helps ease my “earthly” pain, even if it’s just a little bit. I actually re-read it recently and gained a new perspective. The first time I read it, the responses of his friends didn’t stick with me. But this time they did. Especially chapter 36 😉

    I’m so sorry you’re going through all this. Hugs, love.

    • Thank you so much, Kelly! I really appreciate the HUGS! Job really is amazing. How he endured such suffering, I can only imagine…but his faith in God when all was lost is truly astounding. Such an amazing example!

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